Ux -
making a great user experience

A beautiful user experience is one that couples the correct aesthetic an seamless journey of
information to enlighten and build trust

Defining goals

We need to understand what are the requirements for a project. The goals need to be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-delivered, or also known as a SMART framework for ensuring that we provide not just user loving UX, but UX that is critiqued as successful.

Understanding your users

Looking to identify traits and decision making variations that we can be categorised and designed for, we deep dive into motivations and behaviour. Does Gen X really not use a laptop, or is Facebook just for grey nomads?

System / site mapping

A system map is the blue print of all touchpoints that are required to make your digital project viable based on the various user journeys for it to be successful. Doing a quick sprint here allows us to get a basic idea for plannind costing purposes, and what shoud be deemed necessary for a phase 1, 2 or 3 launch.

Wireframe templates

Based on the early mentioned Site Map, and depending on whether there is a design system in place, we built out basic aesthetic free plans for each touchpoint in the system map. This allows user testing on pure functionality, without stakeholders being invested or distracted by a particular design concept, and can focus on usability instead.

Prototyping and testing

Depending on the budget, we will build the wireframe into clickable units, where clear quantifying goals are prescibed to focus individuals (stakeholders) for feedback, scoring, ease of use, and interactive agility. At this point we will quickly modify designs to improve on issues or look at language that will enhance a user flow. Once deemed successful, the wireframes are given to our User Interface designer (UI) where they will complete or evolve a digital design system to suit project needs.

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