Types of web apps & software
we’ve built

Below is a summary of the different types of web apps and software we have delivered over the years.

Web Apps

A web app, is simply software that sits within the cloud and is presented as a website. They all use complex business intellectual property to help users solve problems, most wtih the end goal of monetisation in some form., IE sometimes SAAS (software are a subscription). Our main focus is to design and build a system where data is created and presented in a way, that is intuative and easy to use, while being equally being robust and secure.

    We have built -
  • Member platforms
  • Quoting software
  • Comparison Sites
  • Property calculators
  • Property search
  • Tow truck booking system
  • Member management system
  • Community platform
  • Storage management software
  • Learning management system
  • Other Software

Native Apps

A native app is simply software (an application) that mostly uses a device such as phone or tablet to present data from the cloud, or using the a devices dyanic inputs, such video, voice, location and such. Not just an app, but also nearly always a management system for managing users and data, there is always more than meets the eye.

    We have built -
  • Interactive Storybook
  • Memory Game
  • Video compiler
  • Health tracker

Other Software

Software is pretty common. It lives locally on a computer and allows users to create and do complex interactions you vast amounts of data.

    We have built -
  • Building directory (Windows)
  • Touch screen education guide (Windows)

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