The process to building
great digital

Below is quick summary of the steps involved in building an app.

Requirement gathering
and workshopping

We are formally introduced to your project, the motive behind it from an individual premise and an organisational view point. We undertand how success will be measured, from a time and budget standpoint, but will look at what unique project indicators will be used to mark as a gauge to how well we do. We will seek to find voids and gaps in the requirements provided to better faciliate unexpected outcomes and opportunities.

Analysis, planning & scoping

From the initial workshop, we will work to find the best possible way to deliver on your project. Using the initial scope we will plan every small requirement, but also seek to provide best practice solutions that will increase your success. Upon doing so we will be in touch with options and planning to successfully implement.

Design & prototyping

After working with you to define the role out, we will work with you design and prototype the User Experience Design and User Interface Design. We create usert testing to loop back thoughts and improvements quickly to find efficiencies that add to a better user experience. At every step of the way, we will provide feedback loops and transparency in decision making so you have confidence and provide direction where required. This means we stay on track and deliver close to expectation everytime.


For all projects you will be assigned a development project manager, that will work closely with you to understand content load, security and any other isolated request or needs that come from the build. Depending on your development requirements we will build your digital in-house, or with one of our selected teams. Availability is key, so this will be highlighted to you when providing our initial discussions around what time lines to expect. We work with development teams across the world and here is Australia. Some have been with us for over 9 years, and none are new. If we cant don't have resource we will look at directing you to another agency that might be able to help. We only ever build what we have experience in delivering.


All projects are tested prior to launch, again, and again, and again. There is actually multiple tests we follow before handing over the site. We always allow for customer acceptance testing prior to launch and offer free bug fixes. Other test include - during development unit or code testing, integration testing for cross api, functional tests based on your business requirements, end to end tests for full user flows work, and performace testing for speed. We have a range of 3rd party testing freelances we use to ensure that everthing is as good as can be prior to go live and we ensure there is time scoped to allow this to happen.

Deploy & track

Deploying a site or app involves either handover to your server team, or allowing us to launch. Prior to deploying your site or app, we will need to load with content on your staging enviroment, which will envolve another level of sign off. Once the content is loaded, and if needed, the SEO team has provided a list of redirects for any URL to be found on web search, we migrate your asset and redirect where needed. Analytics programmes will be deployed where required to track usage, plus any security plugin / app or patches to keep a radar on whether site is not being harmed by any digital nasties.

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