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In 2016, Acquire Learning asked us to partner with them to create their interactive displays for their new Education Hub in the heart of Melbourne. This included a touch-screen facility directory, and a touchscreen education portal, as well as various animations.

Their goal was to educate current students about their courses and what was required of them, while having a secondary effect to attract potential new students.


The system was built in Visual Basic, and ran locally as an executable file on Windows Surface touchscreens. The content was stored in the cloud on WP engine, so course convenors could update information pertaining to each course on the fly. The touch screen was to be user friendly, so intuitive illustrated and animated characters were used to represent user types.


Months of UX strategy took place to determine the different needs for content focus to align with user type expectation and business objective. The home screen was separated into various content streams based on industry and learning type, but also calculators and tools for prospective students who still needed help determining what wanted to do. Every industry was represented by a personal video testimony of what it was like to work in that particular job vocation.

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The project was a much appreciated success. We as an organisation learnt alot about local hosting, and what to do in the case of redundency systems should the all important cloud not be connected. We would love to help you on your next touch screen or experiential based app.

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