A little bit about us

For the last 9 years we have been building beautiful websites and smart software.

Yarn has been around since 2011

Stared in Brisbane’s trendy Newstead, Yarn is now an operation serving clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London. Initially Yarn was all branding and digital, before cementing as pure digital in 2013.

Started by Chris Cotton (hence
the name)

Chris has been working as designer since 2003, starting in Brisbane, prior to working in London as a digital designer for Sony Music, and Vodafone. Upon arriving back in and prior to Yarn, Chris worked has worked for many big clients, including Ogilvy, Qld Gov, Vic Gov & Australia Post, where he was planning and implementing digital strategy.

We pride ourselves on being
digital only.

Digital requires digital specialists. Not some half-in brand agency. There is so much to consider, understand and know, that we would rather be experts that a jack-of- everything, master-of-nothing.

Our team

Our team consists of remote designers and developers from across the globe. All very clever in their own speciality, from UX, UI, Product management, Content Production, and various Coding and CMS specialists. Normally if a team members feels not up to task, we use our network of freelancers and contractors to see if they are up to the task. If not, we will happily say we can’t. E

We’re not know-it-alls

Although everybody here is super clever, we are the first to admit that we aren’t know-it-alls. The more we know the more we realise there is still more to learn and if anything we are masters of knowing where to look. Don’t worry, we are defintiely experts, but just humble ones.

We love what we do

Almost always ;) In truth we love making things as good as they can be. We love helping people. We love making people look great. And we love being loved for doing great work. We love figuring out problems. We love knowing we put you in a great place.

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