Brand creation

Creating a genie that resembles an ice cream was a perfect brief for any brand agency. We licked our lips at the opportunity.

It needed to be strong and completely off track to anything that had ever been thrown at the Australian market before. The main differentiator with other ice-cream shops is that Nitrogenie make ice-cream with fresh and natural, real food recipes which are frozen with liquid nitrogen. Once the type face and logo were finalised we had to create sub-types for all their product groupings.

Store fitout

Store fitout

We worked closely with architects and interior designers to get the best results for every location.

The in-store experience was something we helped create. Bright neon colours enhanced by LED and fluro lighting, and of course, the ever present nitro steam. Every consumer touchpoint has been branded and holistically provide a magical experience.

Stores included so far:

Indooroopilly Centre (Brisbane QLD)
South Bank (Brisbane QLD)
Hastings St (Noosa Heads QLD)
Central Embassy (Bangkok Thailand)


We worked closely with the owners to produce the packaging. This involved hand making the cups and sleeves before sending off to print.

Cone Sleeve Pattern

Roll out of production

Digital and social strategy

We created a responsive website for housing their online needs and engaging consumers beyond the store. This included Instagram and Youtube intergration and a newsfeed that allowed for ongoing flavour updates.

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