The day to days

We did it all! Well, only if 'all' means campaign collateral and digital communication management, that is.

Lululemon is a brand we are happy to have in our folio as their values are similar to what we adhere to here, at Yarn. They are great to work alongside; creative and intelligent, and they also put forward only the best work possible. The day to days included ongoing brand and collateral design management, working with the team to ensure the standard of visuals was the same as the new product released each week.

Coordinating with the digital and product launch teams we have created banners for every season, all weather conditions, heaps of openings and lots of Yoga. We were even inspired to start practicing downward dog here in the studio! One thing in working with a team as much as we have, you learn quickly what is liked, so producing ongoing work became simpler with every line of Ideal Sans.

Campaign Creation

Roga Rave was built as a campaign to bring Lulumemon to the state of Queensland

Bhakti & Beats was a fully integrated campaign, involving the ever lovely bunch from Lululemon. We were tasked with creating full branding for a touring yoga rave. Sounds like fun? Well, it sure was! We supplied them all with the social media graphics and accompanying diary app to help spread the word of their tour up the Queensland Coast. They held a rave at each location to bunches of Yogi folk, packing out just about everywhere they went. It was truly awesome.


We created ongoing campaign collateral to celebrate the wins of all the NZ and Australian athletes during the Beijing Olympics.

As it is, we created banners customised for anytime a New Zealand or Australian athelete did something fabulous. Totalling 10 illustrative banners it was no small job. Good illustration takes time!

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