And it sat on top of the iOS chart for four weeks and had over 0001 downloads!

ALL Grown Up

All Grown Up by Christopher Cotton is a wonderful interactive and animated children's storybook for ages 3 - 6 years old. All Grown Up is a story of a frilled neck lizard Lillly who visits her friends after they don't turn up to play. She learns along the way that everyone has lives of their own, but that doesn't mean she's not loved.
You can download it for free here on IOS.

ALL Grown Up


Character & Story development


  • interactivity

    The app featured as the top listed book on the iTunes App Store. It includes interactive sounding words that help children ages 3 to 6 to read. It also has unique animations for each character, whether building a house or flying a plane allowing the reader to be part of the story.

  • interactivity

    The app is highly interactive, with a host of extra elements for children to engage and learn with. Besides auto play where you can watch the app like a movie, there are also fun unique facts about each animal, such as 'did you know wombats do poos in the shape of cubes?'

  • interactivity

    All Grown Up also features a memory game, designed to be challenging and provide longevity to the application. The memory quiz tests various facts of the storyline, to check whether the reader has been paying attention.

Animation development

The app was 12 months in the making with stop motion animation employed for every character and scene. A sound engineer was employed to compose every aspect and bring the animation to life. It took ages, but the results were truly worth it.

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