A Historical Timeline

A Historical App

Actuary as a subject matter is extensive. Creating an app, to chronologically map all major worldwide events that led to the creation of the insurance industry, was no small job.

Timeline Menu

We were asked to create a unique way for a user to interact with a timeline. It needed to make a user want to reach out and touch it, explore it and enjoy it.

One of the first screens after the menu was the timeline of events. Each item was coloured depending on the event type. Each event could then be saved down for future reading by dragging down to the reference dock.

The timeline was developed intuitively so a single swipe could take you up and down the years. There was also a scroller at the bottom, that changed depending on the colour of the item that was in focus.

Story Item

Each story item could be triggered to unfold showing a range of various factual items around each timeline event. These included stories, people, videos and an image gallery.

User Experience

The image gallery, much like the video held large volumes of information. Our job was to make it so the user could watch, without being distracted, but never leave the main stage. Prompting them always to see that there was much more information to work through.

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