Storytelling Animation for Acquire Learning

We wanted to demonstrate the path that education with Acquire Learning leads you on and the engine of reinvention that propels you along the journey.



With a modernised steam punk animation style at its core, we illustrated the video campaign to highlight the key points of what to expect when studying through Acquire Learning.

With cheeky references to A representing Acquire Learning peppered throughout the video, we created the video frame by frame, before we got the motion graphics in place.

Storyboard & Concept

Here are some key frames of the animation that take the user from their dreams to the study journey and showing the support they will receive from the Acquire team to achieve their dreams.

  • A conveyer belt propels you closer to the planet. Buildings on planet will be representive of study types and the planets floating around education represent jobs.

  • As you move in the Acquire support team is there with a banners, water and other motivational items, similar to a marathon runner's support team. There are also helicopters flying banners as the finish line can be seen in the distance.

  • You zoom out from the path to show a map with a career coach pointing at the direction to strategically manoeuvre towards your career goal.

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