Logo Ident Animation

We were asked to create a logo animation for the new Acquire Hub learning centre based in Melbourne.


Used across a variety of channels, the logo animation finds its home on centre stage at the Acquire Hub

Concept & Storyboarding

Successful creative outcomes are born from strong concepts, sketching and storyboarding. Our chosen concept centred around the career pathway options available and that they are all discoverable at the Hub building. Our ending frame paid homage to the Melbourne roadscape of trams, bicycles and green spaces.

Our frame-by-frame sketches allow us to fully explore the concept and time the frames for the required length, before putting time and resources into digital animation. A thoroughly enjoyable process!

ACQ Concept


Coloured sketches help to bring the storyboard to life.

Coloured sketches help to bring the storyboard to life.

Refinement of final illustrations

Refinement of final illustrations.


Each creative idea was stitched together to seamlessly flow from one another. This visual journey was animated by our motion graphics designer who has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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